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Transparent finances

Transparent finances

As the main financial support for the children's and orphanage home, we naturally maintain close contact with the home manager, Leela. This means that we also have open insights into her finances. Furthermore, it is important for us to always offer her a sympathetic ear and provide external perspectives to assist her with current challenges. At this point, we want to emphasize that as a support association, we have full confidence in Leela, and she consistently exhibits a responsible handling of financial resources. 

Currently, the financial situation is very challenging, as on one hand, major repairs are needed, and on the other hand, the revenues of our support association are not sufficient to continue transferring €1,000 monthly for the basic care of the residents of the home.

Due to restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, no income could be generated from sports or cultural events in Berlin. With the high inflation and the resulting increased cost of living, donations have declined in recent years. The balance sheets for 2021 and 2022 indicate that our support association had to use reserves to finance the ongoing costs at the Snehalayam children's home. Since 2023, we see a positive turnaround. The increased commitment of many members and generous individual donations hopefully enable sustainable funding for the children's home in the future.

The most significant support for the work of our association is the continuously incoming donation money. Only this can provide the residents of Snehalayam with financial security in their daily lives.

Transparent association finances are of highest importance for us: