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Children's home

Children's and orphanage home

Children's and orphanage home

The focus of the Snehalayam family is on the 12 children aged 3 to 18, many of whom were taken into the children's and orphanage home at a young age as orphans or from difficult family situations. This is often due to precarious conditions such as violence within the family or a lack of money for sufficient food and education. Over the years, the home has also provided a home for adults in need. The highly dedicated home manager, Leela, and other staff members are responsible for cooking, shopping, and above all, the loving care and support of the children and those in need.

The children's and orphanage home Snehalayam, founded in April 2001, is located on the southeast coast of India, south of Chennai near Puducherry.

Until 2020, the approximately 500 m² property with a living space of around 230 m² provided a shared home for all the children, adults in need, and staff. To accommodate the growing family, another house in close proximity was rented for the older individuals in need.

The living conditions in the children's and orphanage home are simple.

For years, the financial support from our association has provided the residents with basic necessities such as healthy nutrition, medical assistance, clothing, and hygiene products. It also enables every child to attend school and offers teenagers opportunities for further education, for example, at the nearby university. The first of them have already graduated, and it is heartening to witness their continued connection to the children's home. 

The children's home exclusively accommodates male children. This is because gender segregation is still prevalent in India today. During our visits to India, we had the opportunity to learn about some girls' orphanages in the vicinity, and we share the conviction that this gender segregation significantly contributes to the protection and care of each child in a group aged between 3 and 18. 

Many of our active members have been able to gather personal experiences at the children's home over the years and look forward to sharing them also with you.

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